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Our Staff here at Chisholm Baptist Church

The staff here at Chisholm Baptist Church is prepared to address all of your questions and needs regarding your devotion to Jesus Christ. Please feel free to email Rocky any additional questions you might have about our staff.

Brian Jones  -  Minister  of  Music  -  Chisholm  Baptist  Church  -  Rockwall,  Texas

Brian Jones
Minister of Music

Ever since I gave my life to Jesus in 1984, God has allowed me to be a part of worship ministry in many places and in many ways.  In every situation, God has been faithful and taught me a little bit more, stretched me a little bit more. He's given me a glimpse of what it means to worship "in spirit and in truth," and that worship is not about the notes, or style of music, or even about music at all! Worship is about (or at least partially about) a forgiven, thankful and humble heart communing with its Savior, pouring out of itself every ounce of praise and reverence, of which He is so worthy.

God brought my family and me to McLendon-Chisholm in 2001 and to Chisholm Baptist Church in 2002. We had not been heavily involved in ministry for a few years and the Spirit was prodding me to "get off the bench." We had fallen in love with the family of Chisholm, and I began to help the music minister and play guitar for the Sunday morning service. Then, in October of 2003, God called the music minister on to some other place, and my "comfort zone" was no more. The church was gracious and hired me after several months of me praying and asking God about "being in the ministry." I've been here ever since, and I've never had more fun.

My wife, Rae Lynne, and I have been married since 1992, and we have three great children. I have a bachelors degree from Austin College, and for my "day job," I am a software development manager for a subsidiary of a financial firm.

Dr. Rocky Weatherford  -  Pastor  -  Chisholm  Baptist  Church  -  Rockwall,  Texas

Welcome to our family. Chisholm Baptist Church is a family of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. We love Him, love His children, and love those who are yet seeking to fill that God-sized vacuum in their hearts. Come, experience the Lord in the warm confines of our worship services. We hope to see you soon. In His Hands.
- Dr. Rocky Weatherford Pastor


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Sunday Service Times:

Sunday School - 9:30 am
Sunday Worship - 10:45 am
AWANA Clubs - 5:00 pm
Adult Bible Study Offered - 5:30 pm

Weekday Service Times:

Wednesday Evening Worship - 6:30 pm

Chisholm Baptist Church - Rockwall, TX

Chisholm Baptist Church is located approximately 5 miles south of Interstate 30 on State Hwy 205.

A larger map will be available on the 'Contact Us' page when it's completed showing our close proximity to Dallas and its surrounding communities. To find us even easier, copy this text Chisholm Baptist Church Rockwall TX and paste it into the following Google map link for interactive map & directions.